Pathway To Profit featuring Dana & David Hagstrom

Pathway To Profit | Dana and David Hagstrom
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Want to retire early? How about monetize your gifts? Get unstuck in your business? All this and more is possible when you have a pathway to profit. If you’ve been struggling to put all the pieces together in your business then implementing the right strategic plan will give you the clarity to move forward with confidence and focus.

In this episode of The Big Picture Business Podcast, Dominica and Rory invited Dana and David Hagstrom to show you how to create your own pathway to profit so you can build the life and business of your dreams.

Dana and David share their story of retiring early to Mexico only to find they wanted to do more with their newly found free time. They quickly built a business helping business owners overcome overwhelm and change their course toward success. Now they are laying out their whole 3-stage strategy so you can benefit as well.

“No matter how profound I think I am – if it doesn’t speak to the people I’m talking to, it doesn’t make any difference!” – David Hagstrom

“Everyone has their one relationship with time, but we all have the same 24 hours.” – Dana Hagstrom

“When you surround yourself with like-minded experts, your opportunity for exponential growth is endless.” – Dominica Lumazar

“Find the right business mentor and be prepared to put what you’ll learn into immediate action.” – Rory Carruthers

David Hagstrom
Dana Hagstrom
Dominica Lumazar Exponential Growth
Rory Carruthers Business Mentor

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