When To Start Your Passion Business

When to Start Your Passion Business
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Have you been longing to leave your day job and start a business based around your passion? If you’ve been asking yourself when you should make the transition, how you can do it seamlessly, and how you can hold yourself accountable when starting out then this episode is for you.

In this episode of The Big Picture Business Podcast, Dominica and Rory discuss making the transition from employee to business owner. They cover topics such as dealing with uncertainty, prioritization in your business, and marketing strategies.

“When starting a business, being passionate in the beginning is not necessary, but you do need to be open to the idea of becoming passionate about something that originally you may not have had an interest in.” Rory Carruthers

“It’s important to make sure there is a market for your passion business.” Dominica Lumazar

Some Topics Discussed Include:

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