The Art of Putting Your Clients First

The Art of Putting Your Clients First
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In this episode of The Big Picture Podcast, Dominica Lumazar and Rory Carruthers use their business marketing expertise to assist you on your path to reaching your big picture goals. 

Diving deep into strategies for putting your clients first, they provide valuable insights into why this client-first approach is the most effective way for growing your business and how it leads to deeper, lasting client relationships. 

This episode also touches on the topics of allowing yourself to breathe amongst the chaos, public speaking, building connections, and admitting when you are at a loss in a situation.

“Clients can tell when you’re putting on a front, especially higher-level clients, so it is best to just be you and approach it from the viewpoint of trying to simply help them.” – Rory Carruthers

“If you’re thinking about yourself first and your gains, then you will inevitably fail. The biggest failure you can have in business is not taking your customer into consideration first. Their needs should be first and the solution to their problems should be first too.” – Dominica Lumazar

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