Month: September 2020

Doland White

Designing Your Own Successful Work From Home Routine Featuring Doland White

In this episode of The Big Picture Business Podcast, Dominica Lumazar and Rory Carruthers welcome the show’s second guest, Doland White. Doland White is a very successful consultant in the business world and has taken on the role of CEO in multiple businesses for over 30 years. He also works alongside Rory in running a webinar service and business. This episode focuses on a number of topics, such as developing a business culture, how to adapt yourself, how to set your business boundaries, and how to design a successful work from home routine (something Doland has been doing for decades).

Relationships Not Transactionships 7

Relationships NOT Transactionships

Welcome to The Big Picture Business Podcast. In episode 7, you are joined by the usual hosts, the talented Dominica Lumazar and Rory Carruthers. In this episode, they discuss the main topics of honoring your word, along with pitting relationships against “transactionships.” They also delve into a personal discussion about what has been going on in Rory and Dominica’s life in recent times.

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