Month: July 2020

Positive Mindset Smiling in the Face of Fear

Positive Mindset – Smiling in the Face of Fear

This episode of the Big Picture Business Podcast, hosted by #1 International Best-Selling Authors and business magnates, Dominica Lumazar and Rory Carruthers, explores some of the mindset strategies that lead to success. As an entrepreneur, you must be willing to smile in the face of fear, acknowledge that looking to the future will not affect your present-day situation, and adapt your…

Seeing The Big Picture In Business

Seeing The Big Picture in Business

In this first episode, our hosts focus on some of the keys to business success during these challenging times, including adaptability, perseverance, credibility, and value. They share how these traits have helped them and their clients in the past and currently to continue to find success even during…

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