Online Tutoring For Kids (A Business Owner’s Salvation) featuring Lindsey Wander

Online Tutoring For Kids
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Online Tutoring For Kids

Struggling to balance running your business with teaching your kids from home? Have you considered online tutoring for kids? Balance in business and life is a big issue these days and there are many strategies to help keep you focused on your business growth while ensuring your children receive the education they deserve. Online tutoring for kids is a business owner’s salvation.

On this of The Big Picture Business Podcast, we speak with Lindsey Wander who is the founder of WorldWise tutoring. With so many of us business owners stuck at home having to run our businesses and teach our kids at the same time, she has some great strategies for at-home learning, executive functioning, and how to use tutors to fill in our teaching blind spots. Not only that but she shares her own business strategies and how she went from a biomedical engineer to an educator to a business owner.

“We need to struggle or be challenged to create new ideas.” – Lindsey Wander

“Don’t make assumptions about what your potential clients are wanting.” – Rory Carruthers

“Celebrate the little wins along the way.” – Dominica Lumazar

Lindsey Wander
Online Teaching For Kids
Online Teaching For Kids

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