The TRUTH About Online Marketing

The Truth About Online Marketing
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The TRUTH About Online Marketing

Have you ever bought an online course and got no results?

Been told by an online marketing “guru” that all your dreams will come true as soon as you do this super-secret trick only they know about and are sharing with you “today only”?

Maybe you’ve been in the online marketing world a little while but you’re overwhelmed because every 5 minutes some new “guru” comes along and tells you to do something else such as run Facebook ads, post 4 times a day on Instagram, send automated messages on LinkedIn, make YouTube videos weekly, how about 3 times a week, and definitely got to run ads, oh and what about chatbots? Can’t forget those…

Or wait, I should be building an email list, and I need to make that lead magnet…

Damn, what about the landing page and the sales copy and the email campaigns…

Now they are saying Facebook ads aren’t working and I need to be doing TikTok ads, but what about that Pinterest course I got… that seemed like it could work.

If only I could just get some clarity…

We feel you and if that’s how you’ve been feeling then this episode is for you. 

On this episode of The Big Picture Business Podcast, we share the TRUTH about online marketing. That’s right, we are doing an expose on the shady underworld of online marketing and we are exposing the so-called marketing “gurus”.

We dive into the harsh realities of social media marketing. We share why 95% of every person who takes an online course gets little to no results and why the “gurus” know this and do nothing about it, and we expose the psychological tricks they use to put you in a buying state so you purchase from them even when they know you won’t get any results.

It’s totally unethical and we are exposing their shady tactics so you don’t have to fall for their lies and scams anymore.

“If you’re not willing to invest in quality people, then you’re not ready to work with a quality marketing agency.” – Rory Carruthers

“Instant results and online marketing don’t mix. Like most things, it takes time to get quality results.” – Dominica Lumazar

Online Marketing Rory Carruthers
Online Marketing Dominica Lumazar

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