Is Adam Sandler REALLY A Jerk? (Happy Gilmore Behind The Scenes)

Happy Gilmore Adam Sandler
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Is Adam Sandler REALLY A Jerk?

Many things are said about Adam Sandler but few actually get to know the real Adam. Luckily, our resident host, Rory Carruthers, was on set and in the movie Happy Gilmore with Adam Sandler, and in this exclusive interview, Rory shares the REAL behind the scenes stories. 

In this episode of The Big Picture Business Podcast, Dominica interviews Rory as he shares his untold story of how he and Adam Sandler got hit with fake baseballs on the set of Happy Gilmore, how Carl Weathers tried to scare him with fake eyeballs, and how Julie Bowen was already preparing to play the mom on Modern Family decades before it actually happened. And Rory answers the question, is Adam Sandler REALLY a jerk? Tune in to find out.

“The people you hire are a representation of yourself so make sure you hire the right people.” – Rory Carruthers

“If you have not seen Happy Gilmore, I don’t think we can be friends.” – Dominica Lumazar

Adam Sandler Happy Gilmore Quote
Adam Sandler Happy Gilmore

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