Scheduling For Success Part 1

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Scheduling For Success Part 1

Have you been searching for that perfect work/life balance? Trying to remember all the many things you need to accomplish every day? Everything from client zoom meetings, those emails you need to respond to, that call you need to remember to make at 1:00pm, (wait was that your time or theirs?) That doctors appointment at 4:00pm, the kids soccer game, laundry, oh yeah and don’t forget to feed the dog or yourself for that matter! (And of course the kids…don’t forget to feed them). Seriously, it’s impossible to remember it all and not loose our minds…

If your schedule has just gotten completely out of hand, then this episode is for you!

Dominica and Rory discuss the importance of finding a schedule flow that works best for you, how to start living by a calendar, and how to make your life easier!

Some Topics Discussed Include:

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