How To Get Clients For Free

How To Get Clients For Free
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Are you spending so much money trying to get new clients that you wonder if it’s even worth being in business? Does the thought of spending huge chunks of cash on acquiring clients make you want to hurl? If so, then know this. You can get clients for free but you’ve got to have the right systems and strategies in place. 

In this episode of The Big Picture Business Podcast, Dominica and Rory show you how to build the right systems around the right strategies so you can get your money for nothin’ and your clients for free. Plus they also cover marketing tools, funnels, credibility factors, referrals, and relationships.

“You have to make sure you actually deliver on your services. You don’t get referrals unless you are really providing products and services that take it to the next level for your clients.” – Rory Carruthers

“You don’t take every potential client that comes along, you make sure they’re right for your business and that it makes sense for them and for you to work together.” – Dominica Lumazar

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