How to Build a Personal Brand

How To Build a Personal Brand
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Do you have a brand? You better believe it! Even if you’ve never developed your brand, you have one and it either tells your prospective customers exactly who you are and what your business can do for them or it leaves them in the dark. 

In this episode of The Big Picture Business Podcast, Dominica and Rory show you how to create your personal brand using strategies they have taught their private clients. They look at the art and science of branding and how you can apply storytelling and psychology to influence potential prospects to get them to buy from you over your competition.

If you’ve been wondering how to start a brand or improve your brand, this episode gives you all the behind-the-scenes secrets so you can use them in your own business.

“The key to branding online today is to simply be your authentic self to stand out from everyone else.” – Rory Carruthers

“Don’t forget to make the customer the hero in your brand message.” – Dominica Lumazar

Personal Brand
Personal Branding

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