Facebook Admits Defeat? (Facebook ads iOS 14 update)

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Facebook Admits Defeat? (Facebook ads iOS 14 update)

Have you been asking yourself… How will the iOS 14 update impact my Facebook ads? Why are my Facebook ads not working? Or you’re wondering the real reason your Facebook ads are not converting. Maybe your Facebook ads stopped working and you just want to know how to make Facebook ads work again. Or you might have heard about the Facebook Ads iOS 14 update but don’t know what’s really going on and how Facebook has admitted defeat to Apple.

Well, on this episode of The Big Picture Business Podcast, we dive into why Facebook ads are not working, the reason your Facebook ads are not converting, how to prepare for the Facebook Apple iOS 14 update, and what we are doing to get our clients results even with Facebook ads not working.  

Some Topics Discussed Include:

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