Authentic Driven Life Featuring Crystal Davis

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Authentic Driven Life

This week on the Big Picture Business Podcast, Rory and Dominica sit down with Rory’s long time friend and business partner, the “Queen of Connections”, Crystal Davis.

Crystal is the author two books on purpose & confidence —who’s personally mentored over 1000’s of profitable Authors, Athletes, Coaches & Network Marketers—which include Mal Pugh, Tyler Weaver & Lauren Powers. She’s been featured in Total Prestige & Zensations Magazines, and on ABC, NBC, CBS & FOX, and has produced million dollar sales teams. She loves empowering others to Discover, Develop and Deliver their MESSAGE to the world! 

In this episode we learn Crystal’s number one strategy to help make long lasting connections, as well as how to create a win-win joint partnership.  Crystal also shares her life changing 911 Story that lead her to where she is today… and SO much more. 

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